New Era Fuel’s new DAF CF tanker looks like a proper moving billboard for HVO. There’s plenty of reasons to shout about it.  To the uninitiated, HVO stands for enhanced Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil and can directly replace diesel in many trucks – including all the vehicles in DAF’s current line up.

New ERA Fuels DAF CF Tanker 1
Mobile Billboard for the Alternative to Diesel

Why replace diesel with HVO?

According to the makers of Green D+ HVO, there is a 90% well-to-wheel reduction in CO2, an 86% reduction in particulate matter and a 30% reduction in NOX emissions.

The DAF Tanker

The new arrival on New Era’s fleet is liveried in their ‘Green D+ HVO’ brand – it is a six-wheel 26-tonne DAF CF 340 FAN rear-steer axle truck featuring DAF’s Electro-Hydraulic Steering (EHS) system on the rearmost axle to boost manoeuvrability on tight deliveries. The 20,000-litre capacity tank bodywork is supplied by Spanish tanker specialist, COBO, with metering equipment courtesy of Alpeco. A further six DAF CF 340s are in-build and scheduled for delivery in early 2021.

All vehicles are being supplied, serviced and maintained by the local DAF Dealer in Lea Valley, Harris DAF. The latest rear-steer CF rigid joins existing DAF vehicles in the New Era Fuels fleet, including 12, 18 and 26-tonners. With a number of customers in and around London, New Era Fuels’ DAF fleet is fitted with Safe System equipment as required by the Direct Vision Standard which comes into force on 1st March, 2021. New Era Fuels is also a member of FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, having now attained Gold accreditation – the highest level of membership.

“The DAF marque has always been an integral part of our operation,” said Transport Operations Manager, Brett Jacobs, “For ADR-spec operations, we need a solid, reliable workhorse with a good range of safety features – and the DAF CF ticks all the boxes. The DAF total cost of operation is very competitive too, and the service support from Harris DAF means our fleet is running at optimum uptime.

New Era CEO, Reg Geggus, added, “We are delighted that DAF Trucks is sharing a platform with us and making a determined effort to promote HVO.

New ERA Fuels DAF CF Tanker

“As a direct alternative to diesel,” he said, “it makes for a compelling case for truck operators who wish to make a serious reduction to their carbon footprint. We are 100% behind the drive for the UK to go green, and a wholesale switch to Green D+ HVO would deliver an immediate and significant impact.”

He added, “I urge the government to provide greater incentives for the use of Green D+ HVO and to support industries in their efforts to protect the environment and to address climate change.”

William Tebbit, CEO of Green Bio Fuels added, “Green Biofuels is delighted to be working with New Era Fuels as our National Distribution Partner, delivering the leading clean, low emission, greenhouse-gas saving fuel Green D+ HVO. We also congratulate DAF for being proactive in making a difference to air quality right now.”