When a truck manufacturer brings out a new model, they are usually highly detailed in their description. Over the course of a few years this information starts to get put to one side and forgotten about as newer models take their place. As a used truck site, we feel that is important to keep this information available for many years to help the buyers of these trucks when they are in their second and third lives. So there’s little point in editing down the information, for we need it to be comprehensive. So, take the superlatives as they were written – by the DAF press teams. Concentrate of the facts – there are plenty of them.

The DAF XF XG & XG+ Model Launch Blurb 2021

DAF sets a new standard with an entirely new line up of trucks. The new XF, XG and XG+ offer the highest quality, 10% improved fuel efficiency, a full suite of passive and active safety features and the next level of luxury in truck design. The New Generation DAF begins production in October. The European Commission has introduced new masses and dimensions regulations with the objective to push the boundaries in terms of both emissions (CO2) reduction, road safety and driver comfort. DAF is the first of the European truck manufacturers to introduce a new generation of trucks featuring a highly attractive and very aerodynamic design, using the additional freedom offered by the new regulations. Class-leading efficiency, safety and driver comfort come together in the game-changing New Generation DAF. Since the reveal of its first generation in 1997, the DAF XF has always been an image leader – the customer delight and the driver’s dream. No less than 650,000 XF trucks have been sold in total. It is delivering its owners excellent quality and profitability in over 50 countries world-wide. Various generations of the XF have been awarded ‘International Truck of the Year’.

New Generation XF

Now, DAF introduces the New Generation XF. It features a full new cab design with a 160 mm elongation at the front for industry-leading aerodynamics, highest energy efficiency and lowest CO2 emissions. The New Generation XF has a 75 mm lower cab datum compared to the highly acclaimed and still available XF Super Space Cab and Space Cab. In combination with a large windscreen and ultra-low belt line, this results in unmatched direct vision, contributing to industry-leading safety, especially regarding Vulnerable Road Users. Standing height in the new XF is excellent and is between 1,900 and 2,075 mm, depending on the position within the cab.

New Generation XG and XG+

In addition to the XF, DAF is introducing the XG and XG+, creating a new top class market segment, which takes maximum benefit from the new masses and dimensions regulations. Next to the 160 mm elongated front, both flagship models feature no less than 330 mm extra length at the rear of the cab for unmatched space to work, live and sleep. The cab datum of the XG and XG+ is 125 mm higher than the New Generation XF. The semi-flat floor provides the optimal combination of an easy access with only 3 steps and a great seating position for excellent direct vision.

New DAF XF & XG Range 2021
The New Generation DAF trucks 2021. From left to right XG+ XG and XF
2021 Model Year DAF XF
New Generation DAF XF truck offers maximum view on the road

The DAF XG cab interior offers a standing height  from no less than 1,980 to 2,105 mm and – thanks to the elongation at the rear – an enormous interior space.

New Generation DAF XF XG and XG+ trucks 2021 - Axle overview
New Generation DAF XF XG and XG+ trucks 2021 – Axle overview

The new XG+ outperforms every truck on the market when it comes to interior space. The height of the roof is increased even more to offer a standing height of up to an impressive 2,220 mm. This XG+ is DAF’s true top-of-the-range model, offering a dazzling level of living comfort and spaciousness which are unique in the entire industry. With a volume of 12.5 m3, the DAF XG+ has even 14% more volume than the industry-benchmark, the current DAF XF Super Space Cab.

New Generation DAF XF XG and XG+ trucks 2021 - Engine overview
New Generation DAF XF XG and XG+ trucks 2021 – Engine overview

Attractive and modern design

The New Generation XF, XG and XG+ feature a beautiful, distinctive exterior design, characterized by an attractive tapered cab shape with seamlessly fitting body panels and sleekly mounted windscreen and doors for outstanding aerodynamic efficiency.

The front-end combines a beautiful design with the regulatory envelope. This results in an aerodynamic shape and enhanced safety for Vulnerable Road Users.

The New Generation XF, XG and XG+ trucks all feature a stylish grille with chrome accents. It is topped with a distinctive logo bar with a glossy inlay to accentuate the vehicles’ class. The air intake is neatly integrated in the front, adding to the sturdy yet elegant design which is further enhanced by the prominent grille, accentuating the elongated front.

The elegantly designed and nicely integrated steel bumper has a composite skin, and consists of three elements to combine lowest vulnerability with low repair costs in case of damage.

A key design feature are the stylish full LED headlights, crowned with characteristic Daytime Running Lights and integrated cornering lights, creating a stalwart signature and providing unprecedented vision at night. The great looks of the truck are supported by the beautiful LED Skylights – standard on the XG and XG+ – featuring a specific design for each model.

The sides of the cab demonstrate the same elegance as the front. The design is sleek and smooth, with the ascending lines adding to the dynamic look.

DAF XG 2021 Year model
A Kerb View Window is also available in the New Generation DAF XG truck

Quality by design

Only the finest materials have been used in the New Generation DAF. Lightweight, high strength steel is used for the cab structure, and premium soft touch materials and leather are used extensively throughout the interior.

The New Generation DAF was designed with a focus on Six Sigma quality and the vehicles underwent over 20 million kilometers of functional, durability, reliability and customer testing to ensure the new trucks meet DAF’s exacting quality standards.

Development drivers

Fully aligned with the objectives of the new EU Masses & Dimensions regulations, the New Generation DAF was designed with full focus on the main development criteria: introducing a new industry standard in efficiency, safety and driver comfort, without compromising the superior reliability and durability DAF trucks are renowned for.

Starting the future of Efficiency

  • Impressive up to 10% fuel efficiency gain
    • Best-in-class aerodynamics
      • Extremely flow-efficient exterior design
      • Smart engine compartment flow management
      • Sophisticated camera systems
      • Numerous visible and non-visible contributing design details
    • New, highly efficient powertrains
    • Enhanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Low vehicle weights
    • Just 6,912 kilograms for XF tractor in most representative spec
    • Over-the-air vehicle updates
    • Service intervals just once a year and even up to 200,000 kilometres

DAF has expended tremendous effort in realizing the best possible vehicle aerodynamics, resulting in an attractive exterior design with optimal radii, tapering and extensive sealing, enabling a perfect airflow. The curved windscreen, the elliptically shaped corner panels, the streamlined A-pillar covers, a bottom plate with integrated air deflector and the unique design of the wheel bay deflectors all add to superior aerodynamics, as do the optional cameras instead of mirrors.

As important are the many measures taken to realize optimal engine compartment or under cab airflows. These include closures around the charge air cooler and the radiator, flow guides and recirculation barriers and closed wheel bay covers. All this, has resulted in no less than 19% better aerodynamics and up to 6.3 out of the total 10% fuel efficiency improvement.

New highly efficient powertrains

In order to achieve a next level in efficiency, the New Generation DAF XF, XG and XG+ are equipped with new powertrains, featuring new engine and transmission technologies and rear axle innovations.

Combustion of the 10.8 liter PACCAR MX-11 and 12.9 liter PACCAR MX-13 engines has been optimized through the use of new injectors, a new cylinder head and block – allowing higher cylinder pressures – and a new design of pistons and liners. A new generation of efficient turbo chargers is utilized for best air management and new air compressors, oil pumps and alternators ensure parasitic losses are reduced to a minimum. The exhaust-after-treatment system is redesigned to achieve the shortest route from engine outlet to EAS-inlet for absolute minimum exhaust temperature loss for highest efficiency.

The result is an extremely efficient engine with excellent performance – while driving and braking – lower CO2 emissions, a once-a-year service interval and lower weight of 10 – 15 kilograms, contributing to the overall productivity of the truck.

PACCAR MX-13 Euro 6 2021
PACCAR MX-13 Euro 6 2021

Flow guides guarantee excellent under cab or engine compartment aerodynamics and highest efficiency of the cooling module for absolute minimum fan engagement while full face charge air coolers are applied for best possible temperature management and engine operation.

New engine and after treatment technologies as well as sophisticated thermal management result in up to 3% additional fuel efficiency gain from the 10% overall improvement.

The DAF XF, XG and XG+ are equipped with a TraXon automated gearbox as standard, featuring new technologies like automatic drive-off gear selection, enhanced predictive features and (optional) urge-to-move. For maximum driveline efficiency, rear axles with reduced oil levels and new pinion bearings are employed. A new generation of brake calipers results in less frictional losses and a lower weight.

Largest fuel efficiency gain ever

Low vehicle weights (kerb weight of the New Generation XF 4×2 tractor in its most representative specification is only 6,912 kilograms) and enhanced driver assistance systems (Predictive Cruise Control 3 with extended EcoRoll functionalities and Preview Downhill Speed Control) bring the total efficiency gain up to an impressive 10%, representing the largest fuel efficiency improvement in the history of the company and creating a new standard in the industry.

High performance

Next to first class efficiency and low emissions, the PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines deliver excellent performance, thanks to torque increases of 50 to 100 Nm in direct drive top gear. The top-rated 390kW/530 hp version now offers 2,550 Nm in every lower gear and 2,700 Nm in top gear. The new generation HE400 turbocharger improves air management, further strengthening DAF’s impressive down-speeding performances with maximum torque now available at 900 rpm, even for the 390kW/530 hp PACCAR MX-13 engine. In addition, the already market leading engine brake delivers up to 20% more torque at lower revs, introducing a new industry benchmark.


With the launch of the New Generation XF, XG and XG+, DAF introduces over-the-air-updates for the engine and after-treatment systems, the vehicle ECU, the Central Security Gateway (CSG) and DAF Connect. Industry-leading uptime is also supported by service intervals of up to 200,000 kilometer. For long distance haulage, a long-drain option is available. This means for all on-road applications a service interval of once-a-year, which is unique in the industry.

Combined with DAF MultiSupport that now also can offer pan-European repair and maintenance contracts, this results in maximum flexibility and operational vehicle availability.

Starting the future of Safety

  • Best-in-class direct vision
    • Windscreen and side windows with low belt lines
    • Kerb View Window and foldable co-driver seat
  • State-of-the-art camera systems
    • DAF Digital Vision System
    • DAF Corner View
  • Full, premium LED lighting
  • Best-in-class passive safety
    • Robust cab structure with integrated crash zones
    • Unique Programmed Cab Displacement System (ProCaDis)
  • Full range of new safety features
    • Electronic Park Brake, Low Speed Trailer Brake, Park Brake Assist
  • Industry-leading ergonomics
    • Hands on the Wheel, Eyes on the Road

Excellent direct vision was one of the cornerstones in the development of the New Generation DAF. Therefore, the New XF, XG and XG+ all feature a large windscreen (2.3 m2) to enable an exceptionally low window belt line for an excellent direct view.

As an option, on the co-driver’s side, a Kerb View Window is available, which – in combination with the new foldable co-driver seat – results in excellent view of, for instance, pedestrians, cyclists and children next to the truck. The new mirror housings have a slim design. Space in between the mirrors, and between mirrors and A-pillar, add to the best-in-class direct view.

DAF Digital Vision System

A new optional feature, is the DAF Digital Vision System, replacing the main and wide-angle mirrors. The cameras further enhance direct vision, while also increasing aerodynamic performance, contributing to highest fuel efficiency. Additional features include auto panning (following the rear of the trailer while cornering) and display overlays for additional information on the length of the vehicle, which is helpful for example when manoeuvring and overtaking. Even under extreme weather conditions, the heated cameras provide a clear view. As an industry-first, the cameras are electrically retractable.

The DAF Corner View is an option to replace the kerb and front view mirrors and which exceeds the field of vision of these conventional mirrors by far. It is another important feature to further enhance road safety, especially for vulnerable road users. The display of the DAF Corner View is mounted on the co-driver’s A-pillar, exactly where one expects it to be.

Full LED lighting

For optimal view and visibility, DAF was the first in the truck industry to introduce LED headlights in 2013. With the New Generation XF, XG and XG+ the next level is set: full LED lighting on every model: daytime running lights, main beam, high beam, cornering and manoeuvring lights, Skylights, side marker lights and optional front fog lights. LED delivers excellent light quality while at the same time adding to lowest operating costs, thanks to their low energy consumption and infinite life. Automatic Lighting Selection automatically activates main beam in dark and rainy conditions.

Unmatched passive safety

The new body-in-white design is marked by a light weight yet extreme robustness. It has energy-absorbing crash boxes on the firewall, and rear crash zones fully integrated in the back of the cab to protect against moving loads.

The New Generation DAF XF, XG and XG+ also feature DAF’s patented Programmed Cab Displacement System (ProCaDis), allowing a 400 mm controlled cab displacement on the chassis during an accident, to absorb the energy and prevent the cab from detaching. As a result, ProCaDis maintains the cab structure and maximizes the survival space for vehicle occupants.

Smart features for active safety

On the XF, XG and XG+ a full range of active safety devices is offered. These include Brake Assist, Lane Departure Warning System and Emergency Brake Lights. The latest version of Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS-3) can provide up to full autonomous emergency braking to assist with collision avoidance of both stationary and moving vehicles from a speed of up to 80 km/h. City Turn Assist system detects other road users or objects at the co-driver side.

Other optional systems include the new DAF Electronic Park Brake, engaging the brakes automatically when the engine is switched off. Low Speed Trailer Brake activates the trailer brakes independently for safe trailer coupling and decoupling. Park Brake Assist engages all brakes along with the park brake to ensure that the truck does not move during loading or unloading with a crane, or whilst operating a tipping body.

Class-leading user-friendliness

When it comes to safety, DAF’s philosophy has always been ‘Hands on the Wheel, Eyes on the Road.’ Therefore, the New Generation DAF offers class-leading ergonomics. All driving related functions are operated from the steering wheel and the steering column stalks, as are the digital display menu, the TraXon automated gearbox and audio and phone functionalities. Secondary driving functions are operated from physical switches which are logically positioned on the dashboard and are easy to operate.

Starting the future of Driver Comfort

  • Entirely new cabs – the most spacious on the market
    • Up to no less than 12.5 m3 volume
  • Best-in-class driving position
    • Unique range of adjustment for driver’s seat and steering column
    • Optional swivel driver and co-driver seats
    • High-class dashboard with 12” display and an optional 10” display for DAF Infotainment System
  • Best beds in the industry
    • Up to 800 mm wide over the full 2,220 mm length
    • Unique electric fully adjustable DAF Relax Bed with optional topper
  • Classy ambient LED interior lighting
  • Premium fit & finish, materials and decoration
  • Fully integrated Park Airco
  • Excellent Ride & Handling
    • New chassis designs – front and rear
    • Excellent torsion stiffness
  • Quietest cabs in the industry

First class driver comfort starts with excellent cab accessibility with only three steps, positioned in a comfortable ‘staircase’ style. For an easy access, the new steering wheel can be parked in a far-forward position.

After entering the cab, the driver will be overwhelmed by the interior space with ample standing height in all models, varying from 1,900 – 2,075 mm in the New Generation XF to no less than 2,145 – 2,200 mm in the XG+. Cab volume of the XG+ top-of-the-range flagship is 12.5 m3, representing a new dimension in the industry.

DAF XG 2021 Model Year Interior
High-class dashboard in New Generation DAF trucks

Best driving position

Adjustment ranges of seats and steering column are unmatched and result in the best possible driving position for every individual driver, even allowing for a more passenger-car-like driving positioning. Available as  options on XG and XG+ are a swivel driver and co-driver seat, which can be turned to a relaxing position after a long day’s driving.

A foldable co-driver seat is standard. It provides an unrestricted view through the Vision Door with Kerb View Window and creates even more interior space. The headrest can be folded (option) to create a practical table alongside DAF’s luxurious bed.

Hands on the Wheel, Eyes on the Road

The beautiful dashboard is a real eye-catcher and has been designed to add to the vehicle’s unique direct vision. It features an attractive, central 12” display for all vehicle-related information and an optional 10” touch screen for the DAF Navigation and Infotainment System. All key information is visible at a glance.

The most important buttons are perfectly positioned on the dashboard and on the newly designed steering wheel for best intuitive operation. The design is fully in line with the DAF philosophy of ‘Hands on the Wheel, Eyes on the Road’, to avoid taking the eyes of the road and contributing to the highest comfort and safety. On the central display the driver can select between two lay-out designs and four levels of information. Display settings can also be personalized.

The best bunks in the industry

The New Generation DAF continues DAF’s legacy as provider of the best bunks in the truck industry. Length is 2,220 mm in all versions, with no less than 800 mm of width over the complete length in the XG and XG+. As an option, a mechanical or even fully electrically adjustable DAF Relax Bed is available for optimal head, back and leg support.

The completely new Rear Wall Control Panel enables convenient operation of a full range of functionalities from the bed: lighting, climate, sound system, windows and roof hatch. The panel even offers a surveillance mode (which activates the DAF digital vision systems with both the DAF Digital Mirror System and the DAF Corner Eye) and a panic button that actives the horn and hazard lights.

Under the bunk, there is plenty of storage options including either one or two drawers or one or two refrigerators in which 1.5 litre bottles can stand upright. Outside storage lockers  at both the left and right sides, are accessible through large openings.

Huge storage space

With their spacious cabs, the New Generation DAF provides huge storage space in the roof consoles and on top of the dashboard, in the door pockets and under the bunk. In addition, the New XF, XG and XG+ offer plenty of room for paperwork, documents and other items. The dashboard has two holders for cups, mugs and small bottles and obviously there is also DAF’s world-famous retractable dashboard table for eating or working, now even larger than before. In addition, the XG and XG+ have a practical drawer in the lower part of the dashboard in which documents or a laptop can be easily stored.

LED interior lighting and premium fit & finish

With the great interiors of the New XF, XG and XG+, DAF has created the perfect ‘Home away from home’. That is also illustrated by the full LED lighting, offering a range of options.

Optionally available on XG and XG+ is a classy ambient lighting, featuring 15 LED lights and light strips, adjustable in brightness and colour, and supporting a highly exclusive environment. It illustrates the impressive quality of the New Generation DAF, which is also illustrated by the premium fit & finish, deco’s and the materials used. A great example is the so-called slush molded material of the dashboard, which is soft-touch and as used in premium passenger cars. It provides the possibility to apply modern sharp edges in the design, while offering an astonishing look and feel.

Perfect climate with integrated Park Airco

For highest comfort, the New Generation DAF XF, XG and XG+ are equipped with an automatic temperature control system as standard or a fully automated climate control system as an option. New is a fully integrated Park Airco, available as an option on the XG+, for automatic cooling or heating the cab interior, when driving or idling.

Excellent driving performance

Even under the toughest road conditions the New Generation DAF offers first class comfort and stability.

Because of the 160 mm longer cab front, a new chassis design was required. Newly designed and stiffened cross members and a new aluminium Front Underrun Protection result in exceptional torsion stiffness and low weight (-/- 38 kilogrammes), adding to unsurpassed driver comfort. This is also achieved through a new cab suspension with a new damper design and integrated crash brackets. The rear axle suspension has been redesigned to include a new geometry as well as a new fifth wheel position, resulting in an extended wheelbase (4,000 mm) for the XG and XG+ for superior ride and handling. Great steering characteristics are achieved through a completely new steering system with low steering effort.

Significantly contributing to the unique comfort of the New Generation trucks are the extremely low levels of interior noise, vibrations and harshness. Also in this area the XF, XG and XG+ set a new industry standard.

Thoroughly trialled and tested

Delivering outstanding quality, reliability and durability has always been – and will always remain – DAF’s top priority. The development processes of the New Generation DAF are based on the principles of Design for Six Sigma as well as Automotive Spice for which the latter audits were performed at level 2 and 3, which is impressive for the truck industry. In the testing phase, extensive proof of concept tests were carried out, next to a full array of functional, durability and reliability tests in DAF’s state-of-the-art Technical Center and on the road. Over 150 field test vehicles were put into daily operation with customers throughout Europe. DAF will have gained an equivalent of some 20 million long distance kilometers before the New Generation XF, XG and XG+ enter production.

Ready for the future

The world we live in is changing. The need to reduce CO2 emissions because of  climate change, to improve air quality in urban areas and to enhance traffic safety, especially of vulnerable road users go hand in hand with driver scarcity and the need to attract and retain good and professional drivers.

The New Generation XF, XG and XG+ is DAF’s response; a full series of long distance vehicles, starting the future and introducing a new era in transport efficiency, safety and driver comfort. The New Generation DAF represents a completely new and extremely energy efficient vehicle platform, fully prepared for future energy carriers like batteries and hydrogen, and future powertrains including e-motors, plug-in hybrids, fuel cells and hydrogen combustion engines. The vehicle’s state-of-the-art diesel engines are clean and efficient and ready for the latest generations of bio fuels (including Gas-to-Liquid and HVO) as well as for renewable e-fuels to further decarbonize road transport.

DAF will start series production of 4×2 and 6×2 tractor and rigid offerings of its completely New Generation XF, XG and XG+ in the last quarter of 2021. DAF starts the future!