Brand new from Glasgow-based concrete mixer truck manufacturer, McPhee is a 5-pod mortar delivery body suited for 8×4 chassis and 32-tonne operation. The truck has been built in conjunction with mortar supplier Marshalls. The company has been using this type of equipment for some years, but has decided to work with McPhee on the new initiative. Large mortar pours are generally completed in standard barrel mixers as 1 set grade or colour can be delivered in bulk. Demand from consumers and the construction industry however is driving the need for greater variation in the types of mortar and screeds being delivered. The wide variety of products demanded and offered brings its own logistical challenge. Meeting this challenge drives operators to search for a flexible delivery solution to reduce journeys and minimise waste.

The McPhee Pod delivery truck gives Marshalls the ability to deliver 5 different products and up to 10 cubic meters on one run, giving them the perfect AM/PM machine and delivering both a more diverse range of product whilst minimising travel, cleaning and emissions.

This new mixer has been built on a DAF CF 410 8×4 chassis in conjunction with Eurotrail and promises to be the first of many McPhee Pod trucks going to Marshalls over the coming months along with the adaptability to cover the wider markets, customer and supplier base the Mortar and Screed industry has to offer.

It’s not been an easy road by any stretch and of course we now have the second stage of innovation which comes from learning and refining as we operate, but were very proud to finally get to the point where we can enter this market in a larger way.

Multiple Pods on the Mortar & Screed Delivery body from McPhee
Multiple Pods on the Mortar & Screed Delivery body from McPhee
New McPhee 5 Pod Mortar Delivery Truck
New McPhee 5 Pod Mortar Delivery Truck on DAF CF Chassis