That’s the problem using superlatives like ‘Ultimate’ for branding your commercial vehicles as it leaves you with few places to go for the next best thing.  Think the naming of the Mercedes cabs – is a Mega better than a Giga? What will come after DAF’s Super Space Cab?  The ‘Super-Dooper Space Cab’? If so, it would have to be followed by the ‘Super Dooper Loop the Looper Space Cab’.

So DAF have added a sticker and a couple of extra optional extras to the XF and CF range, calling it the ‘Ultimate’.  If I were a gambling person, I would say that DAF will make some even better ones in the future. Perhaps they’ll be the ‘Super Ultimate’ or the ‘Ultimate Ultimate?

DAF XF Ultimate
Will this always be the ‘Ultimate’ DAF?

What makes the Ultimate XF & CF?

As far as this current limited edition is concerned, the Ultimate stands out by having the battery management system included – this monitors the condition of the batteries which DAF say is “crucial in terms of optimal vehicle uptime”.  Next on the list is the tyre Pressure monitoring system, making sure the tyres are at optimum pressures for maximum efficiency.

For the same reason, both the CF and XF Ultimate are also equipped with Predictive Cruise Control. This is an intelligent cruise control system that can plan 2 kilometres ahead and allows the driveline to make maximum use of the truck’s kinetic energy. It can deliver fuel savings of up to 4%.

In terms of bling, the Ultimate Package also contains LED headlights and LED rear lights that provide a high-performance lighting, low energy consumption and last a lifetime. In this way, they also benefit efficiency and low total cost of ownership as well.

Inside the cab, the driver gets climate control and an additional power supply above the windscreen – designed to power a microwave

The package can be ordered for nearly every new CF and XF truck powered by the PACCAR MX-11 or MX-13 engines.