Right at the beginning of a worldwide pandemic is no time to launch a new heavy truck range.  That appears to be what Iveco have discovered with the roll out of their S-Way replacement for their ageing Stralis heavy truck range. The truck has been available for some while on the continent in left hand drive form – there has even been a left-hand drive version bought in the UK.  It is only now that we have had the proper UK launch of the truck – all via the magic of the internet.

Digital Launch

At a digital event held at IVECO UK’s headquarters in Basildon, Essex hosted by Cara Roberts and motor-racing legend and ex-truck racer, Steve ‘Stavros’ Parrish, IVECO introduced right-hand drive variants of its new IVECO S-WAY heavy truck to the UK. Available now, Iveco tells us that the new S-Way offers “new levels of aerodynamic performance and style, outstanding fuel efficiency and advanced connectivity, representing a new era in on-board living and fleet management.”

Brand new ‘WAY’ Range

The IVECO S-WAY is the first vehicle to arrive in the UK under the new WAY range that marks a strong shift towards providing customers with an ‘integrated transport solution’, where the services around the product become more important than the product itself.

Brand New Cab

Building upon all the technological advancements introduced by previous generations, an entirely new cab has been redesigned around the needs of both the driver and operator. The heavy truck marketplace is one of fierce competition, where logistics operators need to rely on maximum uptime, efficiency and productivity from their fleets. The new IVECO S-WAY perfectly meets this requirement, providing a complete package of features and services to push it to the forefront, developed with driver centricity, sustainability and a new, extended level of connectivity aimed at further reducing Total Cost of Ownership in mind. The driver-centric design of the all-new cab provides first-rate living and working conditions with a spacious environment, outstanding driving ergonomics, and a well-thought-out layout that combines functionality with comfort. The design also addresses driver safety with greatly improved all-round visibility and a reinforced ECE R29.03 cab crash compliant structure.

Range of Cabs

Available as a rigid truck and tractor, a variety of cabs are available to suit all missions, starting with the AD short, low-roof cab, AT sleeper cab with low or medium-high roof to the largest AS sleeper cab which measures 2.5m wide. The AS cab now stands proud as the market leader for internal space, offering an impressive 2.15m of standing height. Alongside this, there are now four external lockers, two of which are accessible from within the cab offering 376-litres of storage space. This is in addition to an already ample 250l above the windscreen, a variety of fridge/freezer combinations and adjustable storage nets on the upper bunk. The sleeping area is now a symmetrical T-shape with a choice of mattresses and bunk styles.

Lower bunk choices include a single-piece bunk, another that’s capable of reclining at either end of a three-piece bunk which lifts in the centre to reveal a flip-down table underneath. Up top, two bunks are offered, the smart which can be used for additional storage and the wide upper which adds 100mm in width and a foldable access ladder.

The dashboard has been redesigned; the ignition key has been replaced with a high-mounted slot and simple engine start/stop button. Fit and finish has been improved with the use of high-quality soft-touch materials and flashes of bright metal and textured dark wood-effect trim. The newly reshaped buttons have been carefully positioned around the centrally mounted HI-CONNECT infotainment system.

This 7” touch-screen system incorporates digital radio, Bluetooth telephone & audio connectivity, truck-specific navigation, driving style evaluation as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto mirroring. An all-new steering wheel, available with a leather wrapping and with a flat-bottom features ergonomically placed buttons for the major functions, such as the driver information display, cruise control and audio system.

Aerodynamic Savings

In redesigning the cab from the ground up, IVECO has taken every opportunity to reinforce cost savings to benefit the operator. The new design optimises aerodynamic performance, boosting its predecessor’s fuel efficiency by up to a further 4%. The new 5-slat grille along with careful integration of air deflectors, door extensions, flush-fitting headlights and relocation of the parking cooler from the roof to under the front facia are just a handful of features that have contributed to an impressive 12% reduction in drag coefficient.

Iveco S-Way 570 6x2 Tractor Unit now available in Right Hand Drive
Iveco S-Way 570 6×2 Tractor Unit now available in Right Hand Drive

Also contributing to that all-important Total Cost of Ownership are design features such as the multi-piece bumper that dramatically reduces repair costs, as only the affected segment need be replaced in the event of damage.

Iveco S-Way AS Sleeper Cab Right Hand Drive
Iveco S-Way Dashboard at launch for the Right Hand Version

The distinctive new one-piece headlights feature LED technology for the daytime running lights (DRL) and direction indicators with halogen dipped, driving and fog lights as standard. Optional are Full LED headlights which feature integrated cornering lights and combine with full-LED taillights. LED lighting is very energy efficient, backed by an extremely long-life. The sharper, whiter illumination increases visibility and hazard perception by 15% making S-WAY stand out from the crowd, guaranteeing drivers superior low-light visibility.

Iveco S-Way AS Sleeper Cab interior Right Hand Version
The all-New Iveco S-Way AS Sleeper Cab interior (2.5m wide, 2.15m standing height) Right Hand Version

Iveco ‘ON’ Connectivity

The new IVECO S-WAY is a 100% connected truck, featuring a host of ‘IVECO ON’ services enabled by fitment of a connectivity box. Fitted as part of the standard-fit Smart Pack, it runs off a service platform co-developed with Microsoft. Provision of safe data management is the backbone of multiple value-added services, processing and exchanging data in real time. Operators and drivers can remain connected to the vehicle on their mobile device or PC through the user-friendly IVECO ON portal and/or app.

The IVECO S-WAY uses connectivity to enhance the driver’s life on board, complementing a superior driving experience with advanced driver assistance and driving style features combined with services developed to help them operate effortlessly and efficiently. Accessed through the user-friendly IVECO ON EASY WAY App, drivers can control their vehicle’s infotainment system, interior lighting, door locking, window, roof hatch, night heater and parking cooler functions wherever they are through their smartphone.

Advanced connectivity has also been developed to help logistics operators maximise vehicle uptime, providing a consistent and predictive service with IVECO ON, strengthening the low TCO proposition. It also unlocks a new modular offer of premium personalised services, including professional fuel advising, fleet management and maintenance, to optimise the fleet’s performance and efficiency.

Through a connection to the IVECO network and the European Control Centre, the new IVECO S-WAY can communicate early warnings, sparking a response that can include remote diagnostics, over-the-air updates or preventative maintenance bookings. Should the need arise, a driver is able to summon the 24/7 support of IVECO Assistance Non-stop via their smartphone app, utilising automatic geolocation technology to precisely locate the vehicle.

Used in conjunction with a range of Elements Repair & Maintenance packages, of which all IVECO S-WAYs get 2-years/130,000km protection through the top-level Elements 3XL R&M pack, the vehicles can adapt their servicing requirements on an individual basis dependent on their use.

Environmental Improvements

The new IVECO S-WAY builds on the outstanding sustainable performance of the brand’s heavy line, achieving further reductions in PM, NOx and CO2 emissions. True to the brands values, it combines low TCO with low emissions. This is achieved with the IVECO exclusive and patented HI-SCR exhaust after-treatment system and through the exceptional fuel efficiency resulting from the advanced engine technology, Smart EGR and renowned 12-speed HI-TRONIX automated transmission. The gearbox is further enhanced by IVECO HI-CRUISE, the GPS-based predictive drive system that monitors the road ahead to ensure the correct gear is always engaged.

Iveco S-Way 460 NP Natural Gas 4x2 Tractor Unit
The new Iveco S-Way 460 NP Natural Gas 4×2 Tractor Unit in Right Hand Drive

The S-WAY Engine Range – 570HP Top Power

Conventional diesel power is provided by a proven range of IVECO/FPT-developed Euro VI/d compliant inline-six-cylinder engines. The 8.7-litre CURSOR 9 offers 330, 360 and 400-horsepower and up to 1,700Nm of torque. The mid-range 11.1-litre CURSOR 11 gives 420, 460 and 480hp with 2,000 to 2,300Nm of torque, while the range-topping 12.9-litre CURSOR 13 gives 510 to 570hp with a hefty 2,300-2,500Nm.

Natural Gas-Powered Option

For logistics operators wishing to run a ‘green’ fleet, as well as being market leader in gas technology, IVECO is the only manufacturer to offer a 100% natural gas-powered vehicle in 6×2 configuration. Additionally the IVECO S-WAY Natural Power is the only LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) truck offering a range of up to 1,600km. Natural gas is currently the only immediately available low-emission alternative to diesel in the heavy segment, which delivers Particulate Matter emissions 99% lower than diesel, 90% less NO2 and, with biomethane, CO2 is 95% lower, near zero.

The Natural Power CURSOR range is offered in two capacities, a 270, 340 and 400hp CURSOR 9 8.7-litre inline-six as well as the 12.9-litre CURSOR 13, producing 460hp and 2,000Nm. Both units can run solely on Liquid or Compressed Natural Gas, or a combination of both.

The Iveco Cursor Natural Power 12.9-litrer CURSOR 13 for CNG or LNG
The Iveco Cursor Natural Power 12.9-litre CURSOR 13 for CNG or LNG