To celebrate the arrival of the IVECO S-WAY in right-hand drive, IVECO UK is offering IVECO ON connectivity with a comprehensive and connected repair and flexible maintenance package as standard on all new IVECO S-WAY trucks covering the first 2-years or 130,000km.

Through the new IVECO ON series of integrated services, all IVECO S-WAY trucks will be fitted with a Smart Pack, which includes first and foremost the connectivity box. Fitment of this connects the truck to IVECO’s central control centre in Turin through IVECO ON Vehicle Monitoring & Remote Assistance.

Iveco S-Way Interior
Icons Seem Clear Enough on the S-Way

Real Time Repair Alerts

Operators can rest easy, knowing that should something not be running as intended, the vehicle will alert the control centre behind the scenes. The driver can then be contacted to run remote diagnostics, an over-the-air update or even arrange a visit to an IVECO workshop before anything escalates thus proactively helping to minimise downtime.

The Smart Pack bundle also includes IVECO ON Web Portal & App, Smart Reporting and finally the IVECO ON EASY WAY App

IVECO ON WEB PORTAL & APP gives transport managers:

•            Performance data monitoring

•            Driving style evaluation by truck and/or driver with tailored training plans

•            Average gross combination weight monitoring

•            CO2 emission, fuel consumption and distance travelled data

•            Vehicle map to show routes

•            Storage of historic vehicle data


•            Driving Style Analysis, generating weekly reports for Fleet Managers to provide training and guidance to driving teams, taking into account driving behaviour and fuel consumption

•            Tyre pressure monitoring to ensure driver safety and optimal running efficiency

•            Maintenance planning, giving early warning to the servicing requirements of vehicles

•            Visibility over individual vehicles or an entire fleet

IVECO ON EASY WAY APP gives control to the driver via smartphone, offering:

•            Cab control; Open/close cab windows/roof hatch, lock/unlock cab doors, adjustment of in-cab temperature through parking cooler and/or night heater, alter cabin lighting (including ambient lighting) and operation of vehicle media system (radio, Bluetooth etc)

•            Driving Assist; Self-monitoring of driving performance and fuel economy

•            Remote Assistance Service; Ability to request remote assistance from the IVECO Control Centre

•            IVECO Assistance Non-stop; Call for road-side assistance with automatic geolocation function


•            Together with the Smart Report, the operator will receive this report to measure running performance and driving styles, helping to improve the driver’s safety on the road.


•            Connectivity maximises the vehicle’s uptime and productivity through remote diagnostics, teleservices and over-the-air software updates.

“These features ensure that all IVECO S-WAY customers are provided with maximum levels of connectivity and digital services to truly make the most of the new vehicle’s advanced 100% connected features”, Comments IVECO UK TCO Services Manager, Jorge Asensio Lopez.

“Added to the 2 years 3XL Elements contract included, this positions the new IVECO S-WAY at the forefront of the market.”

Iveco S-Way 570 6x2 Tractor Unit now available in Right Hand Drive
Iveco S-Way 570 6×2 Tractor Unit now available in Right Hand Drive

Elements 3XL R&M Available

The connected vehicle allows for incorporation of the highly comprehensive Elements 3XL R&M package which covers routine servicing, repairs to driveline and electrical components, legal inspections, tacho calibrations, wear and tear items such as braking systems and even light bulbs. Also, within is membership to the 24/7/365 IVECO Assistance non-stop roadside assistance service.

The Elements 3XL R&M package links with the connected features to allow the trucks to advise operators on individual maintenance requirements which are automatically tailored dependent on vehicle use. Each new IVECO S-WAY will be covered for the first 2-years and/or 130,000km (whichever is reached first).

“We’re proud to bring the fantastic IVECO S-WAY to the UK market with a strong offer like this. We pride ourselves on our overarching focus on low TCO, and this proves that we believe we have the complete package to place S-WAY at the top of consideration lists”, adds Gareth Lumsdaine, Heavy Business-line Director for IVECO UK.

“Our connected R&M packages help operators maximise their fleet uptime, ensuring minimal service disruptions and safeguarding profit margins. The connected features aren’t just for those back in the office though, they give back to the driver too. By enhancing the time they spend on board and enabling some control over their performance, the IVECO S-WAY becomes a workmate, rather than just another tool.”