Clearly a family with an attention to detail and one that is prepared to invest upfront for payback over time.  D&M Jones & Son, family hauliers based in North Wales have bought not only the top of the range Scania XT tipper, they chose to personalise the truck with an eye-catching paint job plus plenty of add-ons to make the truck stand out further. “All our nine trucks are styled along the same lines,” says owner Arwel Jones. It’s a matter of personal pride but they are also eyecatchers along the road and widely photographed. That makes good advertising for us. I like to run tidy trucks.

Maintenance Ensures Scania Residuals

To retain their ad appeal requires special attention since the trucks often drive in slushy landfills. At the end of each day they are washed over and thoroughly cleaned weekly. That also helps uphold the value, as the haulier normally pensions trucks after five years. “We invest quite a bit in our trucks but we’ve found that pays off in residual value.”

The Scania G 500 XT is the latest addition to the company, which was founded by Arwel’s father Delwyn and Mother Marian – D&M Jones – in 1973. “We’ve had other brands through the years but have lately gone over to Scania because the service we get is absolutely amazing. I can’t fault it in any way.”

Operated as a family business, the G 500 is driven by Arwel’s 21-year old son Billy while his brother Sam mans the office.

Brand new Scania G500 XT for Welsh Haulier