Two specialist Volvo FM crane trucks have been delivered by Volvo Truck dealer MC Truck & Bus.  Whilst the trucks are fitted with standard 460HP D13K engines, the build looks complicated. One of the FM trucks has a Tridem 8×4 layout – this means that there are three axles at the rear of the truck – the last axle being a lift axle with the other two both drive axles.  This configuration aids traction in tight delivery spots and works well with rear mounted cranes. The 8×2 rear tag chassis has a 6.0m wheelbase and uprated nine tonne front axles to accommodate the rear cab mounted Hiab XS558-EP-6 crane, whilst the tridem has a shorter wheelbase and a rear axle set up that can cater for 27 tonnes. That’s without the tandem axle drawbar that it can tow.

Gatwick Group frequently works in specialised transport environments, such as airside and railside. Charlie continues, “We deliberately chose the four axle FM’s to strike the best balance of load capacity, platform stability, access and manoeuvrability levels. The Volvo pair are like Swiss Army knives; compact but bristling with well-designed equipment. The high roof Globetrotter Cabs will be ideal for our telecomms works, which regularly sees the trucks operate in remote, far flung places for several days on end. Our drivers appreciate the additional living space these offer, in addition to the increased in-cab storage capacities.”

These trucks don’t come cheap, so they are not being bought on a short- or even medium-term lease, the new owners expect to get a minimum of ten years’ service from them.

Volvo FM Crane Trucks
Volvo FM Crane Trucks an 8×2 and a 8×4 Tridem