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There is always a great selection of used Volvo FH trucks for sale at Truckpages.  Whilst the FH is famous as a tractor unit – especially trimmed in a Globetrotter XL cab – many operators specify the larger FH cab over the smaller FM version as a rigid truck.

On these pages we list both the 13-litre and 16- litre FH16 versions with all power ratings from the common.   Prior to 2005 and Volvo Truck‘s introduction of the D13A engine, all the FH cabs wore a more complete model number – FH12.440 as an example.

Used Volvo FH Trucks

The FH12 was clear to see at the front of the cab.  Since the 13-litre replaced the D12 and the D9, there seemed little point keeping the engine size on the cab. Some truck dealers and Volvo operators call the latest version the ‘FH4’ or sometimes the FH13 since the 13-litre replaced the 12-litre engine.

As with all things there is an exception – driving a Volvo FH16 you want everyone to know you’ve got the top of the range, so the FH16 has that on the cab.

Used Volvo FH Truck for SaleTypical Used Volvo FH Truck for Sale - Here an STGO 6x2 rear lift FH540 from 2013
2005 Volvo FH12 480 6x4 Timber Truck fitted with Foresteri 2009 Cabbed Timber Crane, Grab & Rotator, Drawbar Spec & Sleeper Cab, Good Runner priced at �7995 Body Condition: Good%
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2010 VOLVO FH 13 460 6x2 Tractor Unit - xChipped to 540 horse power - Alloy Wheels - Full Wind Kit - Side Skirts - Light Bar - Front on Super Singles - 2 Fuel Tanks - Retarder - Fridge - Air Conditioning - 1376824 Kms - Very Well Serviced and Maintained - Ready to Go Straight to Work - WE CAN...
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2007 Volvo FH 13 480 6x2 Tractor Unit - x4.1 Wheel Base - 2 Fuel Tanks - Full Windkit - New Tyres All round - Sliding Fifth Wheel - 1368693 Kms - Twin Bunks - Leather Seats - Retarder - Very Well Serviced and Maintained - Ready to go Straight to Work - WE CAN ORGANIZE SHIPPING TO ANY WORLDWIDE...
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Lot No: 41 6x2 - Midlift - Unit MoT: 2022-01-31T00:00:00 .VAT on Hammer: Y. YJ58RNE
For Auction at Protruck, Belton, Doncaster on 2022-02-02
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We can arrange shipping to...
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2008 58 VOLVO FH 480 XL Globetrotter 6x2, slider, alloys, perimeter lights, light bars, beacons, sun visor, up right exhaust, air con, night heater, diff lock, hill assist, auto, CB radio, electric windows/mirrors, cruise, 01/23 MOT, £11950 + VAT
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Thomastown Trucks specialises in the sales of quality used tractor units, tippers, trailers, refrigerated trailers and plant. With our highly trained sales staff we provide the complete service. We are situated half way between Dublin and Belfast right on the border, off the N1 (A1) motorway at...
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For Auction at the Euro Auctions sale 2022-01-26.
2014 Volvo FH 540 80 Ton, 6x2 Rear Lift, Slider, Reverse & Blindspot Camera, A/C (Reg. Docs. & Plating Certificate Available) - WU14 EZO - YV2RT60C8EB702175
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More FH Info

Volvo FH Key Milestones

Volvo FH12 at Facelift Launch in 1998
Volvo FH12.460 at Facelift Launch in 1998

1993 – The Volvo FH launch

The FH replaced the ageing F Series as far back as 1993.  Initially there was a choice of the FH12 with the new D12A engine and the FH16 which was lifted from the outgoing F16.

1998 – Time for a facelift for the Volvo FH

As Volvo had made some improvements in the electronics and engine for the launch of the smaller FM in 1998, the FH benefitted. Now with the D12C engine at 460HP the FH12 had the right power for the job.

2002 – New Version of the FH

This was more than a facelift – there were aerodynamic changes, improvements to the engine, electronics and the introduction of the now famous I-Shift automated transmission.  A day cab was introduced for the first time.  Now available with 500HP from the revised D12D engine.

2003 – New 16-Litre engine for the FH16

Not ready at the time of the 2002 facelift, the D16C arrived with a flourish to claim the top powered truck crown with some 610HP available (since been massively increased to some 750HP!).  It was also available in a more sensible 550HP for those truck operators not intending to trek across the alps every day.

Volvo Celebrated 25 Years of the FH in Film


2005 – Even more power for the FH16 & a new 13-litre engine

Not content with (just) 610HP for the flagship FH16, in 2005 Volvo increased the power to 660HP.  At the same time Volvo rationalised the range of engines available in the FH, replacing the 9-litre and the 12-litre D12D with one 13-litre engine – the D13A.  Available with 360, 400, 440, 480 and 520HP, this flexible new engine was designed for Euro 3 emissions legislation, but with an eye to the impending Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards.

2007 – EGR fitted to the 13-Litre

To improve emissions and meet the Euro 4 standards, Volvo fitted the EGR system to their D13B engine.  This means that they could reach the standard without the need for an SCR aftertreatment system which consumes Adblue.

2008 – FH Series Upgrade with yet more FH16 Power

To coincide with the launch of the Euro 5 emissions standard, Volvo updated the FH range, albeit focusing on the driver comfort side, since the technology was largely in place already to meet the Euro 5 standard.

New safety features were introduced, look out for used trucks of this era with Driver Alert System, (DAS), Lane Keeping Support(LKS) and Lane Change Support (LCS).

Keeping the ball rolling in the top power competition, Volvo increased the FH16 to a whopping 700HP early in 2009.

Volvo FH Performace Edition
Limited Edition FH for discerning buyers

2012 FH Euro 6 Launch

Although truck operators would not be investing in new Euro 6 Volvo FH trucks until late into 2014 in an significant numbers, 2012 saw the launch of the FH at Euro 6.  No expense spared, the launch included a live broadcast and took place in a number of countries simultaneously.

Now using the D13K and a brand new front suspension system, I-See – a package to change gear based on the anticipated roads ahead, I-Torque – delivering high torque from low revs.

Here’s Volvo’s view on the pre 2020 Volvo FH model: “What you see here is the latest generation FH. And we are not talking about a facelift, this is a brand new truck,” said Claes Nilsson, President Volvo Truck. “We have invested almost 1.3 billion euros (£1.05 bn) in the new Volvo FH. It is an outstanding long-haul truck, with technology way ahead of its competitors.”

There was a choice between four cabs: short day cab, normal sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab and extra-spacious Globetrotter XL cab.  Using just one engine size, it was available as a 420 up to a 540HP – operators could upgrade to the FH16 for yet more power.

Volvo FH 2020 Model - Note the headlights and indicators have moved slightly
Volvo FH 2020 Model – Note the headlights and indicators have moved slightly

2020 – Facelift for Volvo FH

In February 2020 Volvo launched a facelifted version of the FH.  A few visual changes – look out for changes to the front headlights and indicators – they moved slightly.  You will also see a larger Volvo logo on the front of the truck.  The easiest way to check if the used Volvo FH you are buying is the earlier model or the new 2020 version is to look inside the cab.

The changes were all driver focused with new dashboard including two screens – one replacing the main dials and the other controlling the infotainment and satnav.  The I-Shift selector was moved and there was a host of safety features included.

At the time of launch, Volvo also claimed that the new FH was up to 7% better on fuel than the outgoing model.

The 2020 Model Volvo FH In Brief

Cabs: Low sleeper cab, Sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab, Globetrotter XL and Globetrotter XXL. Exterior and interior trim packages for individual design.

Engines: Volvo FH is also available with Euro 6, Step D compliant gas-powered LNG engine in selected markets.

Volvo FH with I-Save for Euro 6

Gear changing system: I-Shift / I-Shift Dual Clutch with software packages for different areas of application.

Read more about the FH 2020 Launch

2020 – Upgrade to I-Save Variant

Volvo claims that the new generation Volvo FH with I-Save will be up to 10% more fuel-efficient than a standard Volvo FH equipped with a 13-litre Euro-6 Step D engine; which is three per cent more than the earlier Volvo FH with I-Save, which was introduced in 2019.

Latest FH News

11MPG on Fridge Work Sees Volvo FH Repeat Order

Harrisons Transport has taken delivery of five new Volvo FH 460 with I-Save tractor units, equipped with Globetrotter XL cabs. The order was placed after the Preston-based business averaged 11 mpg with its first batch of Volvo’s ultra-efficient turbo compound engine trucks, which have been in service since 2019. Supplied by Neil Crook, Customer Solutions Manager at Thomas Hardie Commercials, two of the new 6x2 FHs will be paired with refrigerated trailers and used to move temperature-controlled products across the UK, while the other three will be used for container work. Lee Harrison, Owner of Harrisons Transport, says: “The fuel…

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Rear Steer 8×2 Volvo FH Replaces 6×2

Volvo now have 100% of Arnold Plant Hire’s fleet of three trucks after a competitor brand was ousted in favour of an 8x2 FH Globetrotter. The older six-wheeler has been replaced with a new Volvo FH 420 Globetrotter 8x2 rigid, featuring an electro-hydraulic steered rear axle to maximise manoeuvrability when delivering to sites with limited access. Supplied by Paul McNicholas, Customer Solutions Manager at Thomas Hardie Commercials, the vehicle has been mounted with a Sterling GP plant body with beavertail, plus a winch for loading and unloading plant. It also benefits from a full working at height system along both…

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A Dozen Bio-LNG Volvo FM Tractor Units

One deal for a total of fifteen trucks almost doubled the number of gas-powered Volvo trucks on Gregory Distribution’s fleet.  As with many of the more progressive operators, the company is gradually investing in alternatively fuelled trucks. For long distance, haulage the only viable option at present is to head down the Bio-Methane route. The company is using the Bio-LNG Volvos for its milk transhipment operation, with the arrival this week of 12 new Volvo FM Globetrotter LNG 6x2 tractor units for its Cullompton base – each expected to clock-up 200,000 km per year for the next five years. The…

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A Golden Flagship Volvo FH for Vicky

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of its Maldon Mill, Carr’s Flour has put a new gold liveried Volvo FH Globetrotter XL into service. Supplied by Dean Harriss, Truck Sales Executive at MC Truck & Bus, the new Volvo FH 6x2 flagship tractor unit is equipped with I-Shift Dual Clutch transmission and is powered by Volvo’s D13K Euro-6 engine, rated at 500 hp. The truck’s specification also includes the Drive+ package, full leather interior, swivelling passenger seat, plus a television, microwave oven and 33-litre fridge/freezer. The FH is also equipped with I-Park Cool, Volvo’s intelligent overnight air conditioning system, allowing Carr’s…

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Volvo Trucks’ New Efficiency Improvements

Changes to the 11 and 13-litre engines plus a re-working of the predictive cruise control mean that the fuel consumption of the already frugal Volvo Trucks range is set to improve further. The company says that the improvements come hand-in-hand with driveability improvements thanks to the shift pattern changes and the updated I-See feature, which optimises the engine’s performance by considering the road topography ahead in combination with the vehicle’s weight. “Cutting fuel consumption is crucial for all transport companies, especially those with long-haul operations. At the same time, they want to have instant access to high performance. Now with…

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Most Popular FH Model Variants

FH500 (23)

The FH500 is fitted with Volvo's 13-litre D13K engine rated at 500hp.

This straight six engine produces its maximum torque of 2500Nm at  980–1270 r/min.  There is a 'TC' version of the engine that has a higher torque output at 2,800Nm.  According to Volvo, "The 500 hp I-Save with the TC engine moves into D16 territory with 2800 Nm at the same low revs."

Both engine variants use the I-Shift, but the 'K' engine uses the AT2612F or the ATO2612F, whereas the I Save TC uses the AT2812F or...

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FH460 (16)

The FH460 is the workhorse of the Volvo range of trucks. That's why there are always plenty available for sale at Truckpages.

Using Volvo's 13-litre straight six engine, the 460hp truck is suitable for a broad range of applications, but is most often found as a 6x2 tractor unit with a Globetrotter or Globetrotter XL cab.
Used Volvo FH460 Trucks
Use the filter at the side of the page to help you find the exact specification FH460 you are looking for, as the model was made over many years at...

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Other Model Variants of FH

FH480 (10) | FH540 (5) | FH420 (5) | FH12.380 (2) | FH16.750 (1) | FH440 (1) |