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The Iveco Stralis X-Way is the crossover between the road-loving Stralis and the heavier duty Trakker. It is extremely lightweight – It tops the class in payload, which is vital in these on/off road operations.  The X-Way Super Loader version on an 8×4 chassis developed for concrete mixer applications weights in at less than 8,845 kg. This best-in-class kerb weight was achieved through a number of design choices such as the redesign of the mechanical rear suspension, the chassis architecture and cross members optimisation, and the 400hp IVECO Cursor 9 engine, new front ‘1-leaf’ and rear ‘2-leaf’ springs, 800- Nm PTO without clutch and optional aluminium rims and air tanks. As with most Iveco trucks, the lineup is impressive with 2- and 4-axle models and an 8×4 tridem; artics and rigid. A choice of three engines (Cursor 9, Cursor 11, which is new on the 6×4 and 8×4 versions, and Cursor 13) and three transmissions (manual, Allison automatic and ZF Hi-Tronix 12- or 16-speed automated).

As a relatively new model, the Stralis X-Ways are few and far between.  The model has lost the ‘Stralis’ part with the launch of the new S-Way in 2020 and will then be know as simply the X-Way.  This means that the relatively short lifetime of the ‘Stralis’ version dictates that these pages will never be full of these trucks for sale.

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End of the Road for the Stralis X-Way

In 2021 Iveco announced the replacement for the Stralis X-Way – simply called the X-Way to match the S-Way and T-Way ranges that replaced the Stralis and the Trakker.

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Iveco X-Way Ground Clearance is Clear Winner

Hereford-based aggregate, concrete, and landscaping products suppliers Radbournes have increased their IVECO fleet over recent months by taking delivery of another 8x4 Stralis X-WAY tipper and one Eurocargo 4x2 tipper. Specified in ‘OFF’ configuration, they feature shallower, steel front bumpers and provide a greater ground clearance than X-WAY’s that can be ordered in either ON or ON+ Coinciding with Radbournes’ 40th anniversary IVECO forms the mainstay of its aggregates collection and delivery business as it moves away from its solus fleet with a competitor brand. The Radbournes name has become synonymous across Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Powys, and Worcestershire for providing a…

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IVECO Stralis X-WAY Payload Clinches Deal

With local tipping work it’s all about payload, payload, payload.  Alongside dealer service, Totnes, Devon-based Jeremy Bishop Haulage says that the extra payload the Iveco Stralis X-Way is giving them is the main reason for buying Iveco. L-R Will & Jeremy Bishop in front of their Iveco tipper fleet This means that the company has doubled its IVECO fleet by taking delivery of two Stralis X-WAY 26-tonne 6x4 tippers (AD260X42Z OFF) with Active Day (AD) cabs. The two 6x4s join the two 480hp Stralis X-WAY AD340X48Z OFF 32-tonne 8x4 AD-cab tippers which were delivered to the operator in May. How…

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