There was much speculation about the long-awaited revised cab for the MAN TGX range.  Since the tie up with Scania (they are now both owned by Traton – a Volkswagen subsidiary) it was thought that the new cab would be based on Scania’s new cab seen in the R and S series trucks.

MAN Launch 2020
MAN new generation launch in February 2020: TGL, TGS, TGX and TGM (from left).

The big reveal in Bilbao showed that this was not the case, MAN preferring evolution rather than revolution.

MAN TGX Model Year 2020
The front of the new MAN TGX Model Year 2020 is given a new appearance by extending the radiator grill into the bumper area.

The hype was significant before the launch with a live stream from the event  “…a completely newly developed truck generation for the first time in 20 years.” sounded like just that.  However, during the launch, a slightly different approach was revealed:

Retaining what is tried and tested, and making it even better where appropriate, is the core thinking behind MAN’s new generation of trucks based on the familiar model series line-up.

There is little doubt.  What has been delivered is an excellent truck.  There have been plenty of styling revisions to the cab, including changing the main grill from the tacky shiny version to a less ‘blinged up’ matt look.  Revised bumpers and side air deflectors complete the modernised look.

Driver Centre Stage

The new range has attempted to put the driver at the centre of the stage. There are lots of small detail changes to help the driver get through a typical day, from the switches at the bottom of the door which means that the driver can operate windows etc. without having to climb into the cab.

Changes to the instrument cluster and a special wheel to operate the info system instead of a touchscreen that is hard to use when moving make the working environment more pleasurable and easier to use.

Confusing Cabs

There are eight different cab types with new versioning – it’s not straightforward:

GX, GM and GN (low roof) for the long distance cabs (in order of size) these are all 2.44 metres wide.

FM cab (2.24 metres wide) for TGL, TGM and TGS trucks – it is the same length and height as the larger GM, just narrower.

FN cab is the low-roof version of the narrow cab (so like the GN but narrower).

The day cab version is called the NN and MAN claim will typically be found on the TGS as a bulk tipper or mixer operation.

The CC cab is another day version but shorter than the NN  – intended for use in the TGL and TGM.

Finally, the four door, crew cab version is the DN will be seen on the TGL and TGM.

Engine Choice

The TGX buyer can choose from three engines – the MAN D38 with up to 640 hp; the mid-range D26 from 430 hp to 510 hp or for the little guys, the D15 from 330 to 400 hp.

The narrow cabbed TGS comes with either the D26 or the D15 with ranges from 330 to 510hp.

The TGM comes with the 6-cylinder D08 engine rated from 250 to 320hp.

The TGL has a choice of two engines – oddly both called the D08 – one is a 4-cylinder and the other a 6-cylinder.  The 4-pot has outputs from 150 to 220hp whilst the straight six has 250hp.

MAN quotes up to 8% less fuel consumption, although most of these savings were obtained when the Euro 6d engines were introduced back in 2019.

New MAN TGS 2020 model interior
Check out the Dashboard in the NN cabin of the new MAN TGS

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