A brief experience with trucks by another manufacturer was all it took to convince T4 Logistics that it was better off sticking with Mercedes Actros trucks. The Cardiff-based operator’s latest four Actros arrived via South Wales Dealer Euro Commercials. Acquired with funding support from Mercedes-Benz Finance, they have flat-floored BigSpace cabs and, as 2548 variants, are powered by 12.8-litre ‘straight six’ engines with 350 kW (476 hp) outputs.

Don’t Flirt!

The Actros dominates T4 Logistics’ line-up of 22 tractors, which includes vehicles previously operated by three recently acquired local companies. The operator flirted briefly with four trucks from a rival brand, but the move has not been repeated. “Those units gave us more problems than we anticipated,” explained T4’s Transport Consultant Mark Rees. “The Actros, by contrast, has an excellent track record in our fleet – they’ve been highly dependable and cost-effective to operative. “For our latest order we therefore had no hesitation in returning ‘home’ to Euro Commercials and re-establishing our relationship with Truck Sales Manager Gary Clark and his team, who have always provided excellent customer service. As ever, our new Actros were delivered without delay and in perfect condition.”

The Truck Buyer

Managing Director David Butler established T4 Logistics with a single truck in 2013. Rapid expansion meant it was soon running a dozen, and the company, which is ISO 9001 and SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment for Sustainability) certified, has continued to grow steadily. Its tractor units carry a range of loads, including 20- and 40-foot shipping containers and demountable tanks on skeletal frame trailers, and steel on flatbeds.

“We’re still a relatively young business but as individuals we’re all steeped in the transport industry,” said Mr Rees. “Within our head office team we have a total of well over 100 years’ experience.”

The Actros Specification

T4 Logistics’ latest trucks are its first from the fifth Actros model generation, and instantly recognisable as such due to the absence of conventional door mirrors.  Instead, the innovative MirrorCam system employs roof-mounted, rear-facing cameras that relay their images to screens mounted inside the cab, on the A-pillars.

Mercedes Actros 2548 Tractor Unit & Trailer
The Cardiff-based operator’s latest four Actros arrived via South Wales Dealer Euro Commercials
Actros & Trailer
“For our latest order we therefore had no hesitation in returning ‘home’ to Euro Commercials “

T4 Logistics’ drivers, meanwhile, benefit from the optionally upgraded interactive version of the stylish and functional twin-screen Multimedia Cockpit. In addition to a bigger, 12in central display, this offers extra functionality. Features include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as the Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal, an open platform that enables fleet managers easily to assign apps to individual vehicles, which drivers can then see and use to increase efficiency and comfort.

The operator has also added camera systems and side sensors to warn drivers of the presence of vulnerable road users, particularly cyclists, as well as audible left-turn warning indicators that alert other road users in the case of a manoeuvre towards the nearside.

“As well as its proven reliability the Actros has always been a popular truck with our drivers,” added Mark Rees. “The latest developments on these new models only make it more so. MirrorCam, in particular, is clearly the way forward in vehicle design. Overall, we’re delighted with our new Mercedes-Benz trucks.”