The sale of four DAF XF530 6×2 tractor units to Hazrem Environmental in South Wales has resulted in the operator going from having no DAF trucks on the fleet at all to the brand making up the majority of trucks on the fleet.

The deal was closed after the company received strong endorsements from DAF operators for both the DAF marque’s suitability as a fleet tractor, and for the excellent support from local DAF Dealer, Watts Truck & Van. The dealership has enjoyed outstanding results in the South Wales region having registered 322 vehicles in the last 12-months, capturing 38.2% of the market and out-performing the combined results of its major competitors.

Hazrem's XF530 FTP Spec Tractor Units
Hazrem’s XF530 FTP Spec Tractor Units

Efficiency Gains

The new DAF XF 530 6×2 tractor units have delivered an immediate uplift in productivity over existing models in the company’s ADR-specification fleet.  With the XF530’s lightweight mid-lift axle – DAF’s ‘FTP’ specification – the company hopes to max out with an additional 1.5 tonnes of payload on every fully-loaded trip even with the Super Space Cab fitted.  Hydraulic wet-kits are fitted for operation with the company’s waste vacuum tankers, while on-board axle weighing equipment ensures optimal loading and, consequently, a safer, compliant and more efficient operation.

“We received some positive feedback from local hauliers on the DAF XF mid-lift six-wheeler,” said Hazrem Director, Paul Goddard, “and it prompted me to explore the market in more detail. The DAF certainly offered an attractive whole-life proposition,” he said, “and the team at [DAF Dealer] Watts Truck & Van worked hard to provide an exacting specification to deliver better payload, savings on fuel and AdBlue, and an overall reduction in our impact on the environment.

“The new DAF XFs now make up 60% of our fleet,” said Goddard, “and initial indications are that the trucks are going to deliver substantial productivity gains. We’ll wait for 12-months before we can properly evaluate, but the signs are good,” he said.

The trucks will operate across Hazrem’s operations, including the transport and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Equipment includes ADR and non-ADR waste vacuum tankers for bulk liquid waste, and curtain-sided trailers for carrying packaged and drummed waste products.

“DAF is new to our company,” added Goddard, “and I’ve been really pleased with driver acceptance. They are very happy with the comfort and layout of the new trucks, with one driver describing the bunk as a step-up to ‘Premier Inn quality’.”