It’s a bit like buses…  There seems to be a lot of news about alternative powered refuse trucks these days.  Only a couple of days ago we found ourselves writing about the Gas Mercedes Econic refuse trucks joining Liverpool council’s fleet now along comes the news that DAF have an electric CF that is running around the Dutch city of Zwolle. It is obvious why the humble refuse truck is getting this attention.  They never go that far from base – so can presumably recharge frequently, they are expensive items in the first place, so adding on some additional investment is less noticable.  The majority or these trucks are in operation in cities and towns so need to be as clean and quite as possbile, compared to trcuks thundering up and down the motorways.  Finally, refuse trucks are typically owned by a government operation and therefore have to be seen to be leading the charge from an environmental perspective.

This DAF CF electric is part of a trial with three other, comparable trucks with the ROVA company.  Not a low entry cab, the CF is not such a common sight on the UK’s roads as a waste truck, given the local Dennis Eagle trucks competition and Econic truck from Mercedes with the increased visibility and easy access.

The Inspiration – DAF CF Electric Tractor Units

DAF have been running some DAF CF electric tractor units for over a year now – you can even buy one if you operate in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium.  The company has drawn on this experience to put together this series of four fully electric, 6×2 refuse collection trucks. The 3-axle vehicles provide high payload (GVW up to 28-tonnes) and – thanks to a steered trailing axle – excellent manoeuvrability; a huge advantage for waste collection vehicles operating in dense urban areas.

The VDL E-power driveline fitted to the DAF CF Electric 6×2 refuse truck provides the same torque and power as the CF Electric tractor. The driveline is powered by a battery pack with a (gross) energy content of 170 kWh; roughly twice that of a Tesla car. Refuse collection trucks typically return to the depot every few hours to unload, at which time a DAF CF Electric can recharge up to 80% battery capacity in only 30 minutes.

Ease of Operation

For ROVA, ease of use of the DAF CF Electric refuse collection truck is key, states Marco van Lente, General Director.

The DAF CF Electric is just as good and easy to operate as any conventionally powered truck and we truly believe it is important to participate from the start in the energy transition as natural resources are becoming increasingly rare. It is in our DNA to take care of the future of our planet and the use of low emission vehicles is part of our sustainability plan.

DAF CF Electric 6x2 refuse truck
DAF CF Electric 6×2 refuse truck
Charging point on DAF CF CCS
Standard-looking CCS charger socket for the DAF Refuse Truck – same as on the Jaguar IPace.