The MAN team in Munich have been busy.  They have put together a series of new technology aimed at safety and fuel improvements across their range.  Available immediately is the new suite of tech aimed at improving the life of the driver and other road users.

At the top of the safety list is a pedestrian and cyclist detection system plus a traffic sign recognition system, tyre pressure indicator and electronic semi-mounting form part f the improvements to make the drivers’ lives better. MAN claim that their new PredictiveDrive function, a revised D26 engine, improved aerodynamics and new axles together can save up to 6% fuel.

Further down the range, MAN TGL and TGM see improvements in the transmissions with a new MAN PowerMatic torque converter automatic transmission.

Pedestrian Safety

MAN’s new “FrontDetection” safety system detects whether pedestrians or cyclists are in the difficult-to-see area directly in front of the vehicle in starting situations and at low speeds of up to 10 km/h and warning the driver visually and acoustically.

At the same time, the new safety function is incorporated into the warning and braking strategy of the third generation of MAN’s Emergency Brake Assist (EBA). This now detects other road users from as low as 10 km/h who are not directly in the lane ahead of the truck but could potentially cross it, warns in the event of an imminent collision and, if necessary, automatically initiates emergency braking to a standstill.

Pay Attention & No Tailgating

The MAN AttentionGuard attention warning system, which detects unsafe driving and warns the driver visually and acoustically, has also been updated: compared to the previous version, the new system continuously evaluates the driver’s lane stability and steering interventions. In addition, the driver can now be warned without crossing the lane markings if the system detects a decline in the driver’s attention – even before the driver knows that he or she’s feeling tired.

If the driver falls below the legal minimum distance to the vehicle in front, the AttentionGuard system kicks in. The display of the actual distance in metres to the vehicle in front helps to re-establish and maintain the correct distance, if the distance-controlled cruise control ACC is not activated anyway, which maintains the correct distance independently.

Quick and central access to all assistance functions is provided by a new button located on the multifunction steering wheel or in the instrument panel, depending on the equipment. Functions such as lane change and turning assistance, the MAN long-distance traffic assistant CruiseAssist or the pedestrian and cyclist detection FrontDetection can be called up easily without menu detours.

Another contribution to preventive road safety is the pre-fitting for the connection of a breathalyser, which measures the breath alcohol content and only allows the engine to be started if the driver is fit to drive. Alcohol-related accidents, which are particularly tragic because they are in principle avoidable, can thus be prevented.

MAN Truck pedestrian detection
Pedestrian and cyclist detection makes MAN trucks even safer, especially for vulnerable road users.

Driver Aids

In addition to the numerous active warning or preventive safety systems, MAN Trucks now also offer new systems that make the driver’s lives more straightforward.

One of these is the new traffic sign recognition. The real-time display of traffic and speed regulations that apply in the driving situation relieves the driver, who can concentrate fully on the driving task and the traffic without worrying about possibly overlooking applicable restrictions.

The new tyre pressure and temperature display also provides valuable information. Correct tyre pressure reduces consumption and wear and also reduces the risk of dangerous tyre bursts and fires due to overheating. The system also displays the tyre pressure and temperature of trailers and semi-trailers equipped with the corresponding sensors.

Back Up

MAN trucks now can have the Reversing Motion System – a camera image provided by the camera in the rear area, which is now available as a standard option. It is automatically shown in the entertainment system display when reverse gear is engaged and can also be activated manually at any time using a button on the instrument panel. This way, the driver always has an eye on what is happening behind his vehicle.

Another significant relief for the driver is the fifth wheel coupling equipped with sensors. A semi-trailer sensor on the fifth wheel plate, a kingpin sensor on the coupling lock and a locking sensor on the access guard monitor the coupling process and provide the information directly via the digital display instrument. The driver can thus see the correct locking of the fifth wheel directly from his workplace – an enormous relief, especially at night, and thus a further gain for safety.

The new air suspension control also contributes to making semi-mounting operations easier. This is ensured by a new ergonomic operating design of the cable-connected remote control next to the driver’s seat, which is also complemented by the possible operation of the air suspension functions via the multifunction steering wheel and on-board menu. It is also possible to control the trailer’s air suspension with the new system, which also reduces lifting and lowering times by up to 50%.

MAN Truck Dashboard Display
The new traffic sign recognition shows guidelines and restrictions in the display.

6% Improved Fuel Economy

Recent improvements see the new D26 engine offering 10 hp and 50 Nm more with reduced fuel consumption. Taken with the aerodynamic improvements to the cab gap transitions, windscreen and side and roof spoilers, a new generation of lightweight drive axles with new low-friction axle gear oil and MAN EfficientCruise, fuel savings of up to 6 percent are possible.

The newly integrated PredictiveDrive function makes the GPS cruise control even more efficient. It plans the optimum speed curve for the topography ahead and selects the most fuel-efficient engine operating point for it, taking into account the gear ratio, and does this from a speed of just 30 km/h.

In the lighter TGL and TGM ranges, a new transmission is the central innovation in the driveline area. The new MAN PowerMatic allows MAN TGL and TGM to change gears even more efficiently. At the same time, the torque converter automatic offers particularly wear-free starting and very high acceleration – ideal for city operations and applications for authorities, such as the fire brigade.