Matthew James Global Relocations, a removal company working across London and worldwide has taken the plunge and invested in their first hybrid truck – a 6×2 Scania P320 with a specialist 27ft removal body from SBR Specialist Coachbuilders of Preston.

Silent Running

The hybrid is perfect for quiet operation in and around London – assuming the truck is running with 15 tonnes onboard then should manage up to 10 kilometres on electric power only. That assumes plenty of additional factors – no going up Richmond Hill or Primrose Hill for jobs!  When it is time to head off away from the city, the 9-litre, 320hp diesel engine can fire up and take over. In addition to the benefits to the urban environment as far as noise and emissions are concerned, the truck is also equipped with the latest kit to ensure optimum visibility as far as pedestrians and cyclists are concerned.  The truck has a three-star rating from the Transport for London’s Direct Vision Scheme. The vehicle’s 27-feet overall length body has been built by SBR Specialist Coachbuilders of Preston.  For maximum accessibility, in addition to its rear doors, the load compartment features four container-style doors on the nearside.  To allow for nights out, above the cab there is a crew-pod with two beds.

Want to buy a Hybrid Scania?

Customers can choose to have a plugin hybrid (PHEV) where the batteries can be topped up using a rapid charger in addition to the power available from regenerative braking and charging from the diesel engine.  The simpler option (HEV) relies purely on power created through the braking and diesel engine.

Both work in combination with Scania’s DC09 inline five-cylinder engine, which can be operated on either HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) or conventional diesel.

The electric machine can provide 130kW (177hp) and 1,050Nm torque.  It is powered by Lithium-ion batteries with the energy window set at 7.4kW in order to optimise the in-service life of the batteries.  The vehicles can be driven in a pure electric mode without the need of the combustion engine due to the addition of an electric compressor for the braking system and an updated electric power steering system.

The driver can monitor the batter state of charge via the instrument cluster, with the most efficient way of charging the batteries being regenerative braking.  If the electric machine can manage the braking needs, the energy can be recovered to the batteries.  If the braking demands are greater, the service and exhaust brakes will support in the normal manner.

What the Customer Says

Matthew De-Machen, Managing Director of Matthew James Global Relocations commented:

We are proud to position ourselves at the forefront of the relocations industry and are delighted to be able to offer our customers this latest-generation vehicle. We are a long-standing client of Scania and their premium trucks, and I am completely confident they will have devoted sufficient time and money to ensure their hybrid product is reliable, robust and efficient in operation. In addition to low noise and low emissions, the hybrid is a particularly economical option for use in London, where our vehicles are often stationary for significant periods of time, due to the sheer volume of traffic.

Scania Hybrid Removal Truck
Scania Hybrid Removal Truck – The first on the fleet for Matthew James Global Relocations