You would expect the transport company that transports new Volvo trucks for delivery to always buy Volvo Trucks.  Although International shipping and logistics specialist, DFDS, has the contract, they say their 27 new FH460 trucks were bought purely on merit.

Volvo FH460 and FH500 Tractor Units
DFDS has taken delivery of 27 new Volvo FH Globetrotter tractor units.

The 27 new FH460 Globetrotter tractor units are all specified with Volvo’s intelligent I-See predictive cruise control that analyses and adapts to gradients ahead for maximum fuel saving.

The new trucks replace a mixture of competitor brands and will be split between three sites; with 12 FH 460s moving freight into and out of the Port of Immingham, and 15 FH 500s divided between depots in Larkhall and Aberdeen. From there they will operate with temperature-controlled trailers moving seafood to major UK fish markets, as well as to Heathrow for export, and for direct delivery onto the continent.

Why Buy Volvo Trucks?

Anthony Patterson, Fleet Manager, DFDS, says: “We are a major supplier of logistics services to Volvo Group, and heavily involved in what goes into and comes out of the factories in both Gothenburg and Ghent. That puts us in a unique position where we get to deliver our own trucks from the factory to the UK, but one where Volvo also secured the order entirely on merit.

“We couldn’t afford for anything less; we work our trucks intensely, 24/7, and product quality and reliability are paramount. We also get excellent driver feedback on the FHs, plus the service from the Volvo Trucks dealer network is consistently strong. It doesn’t matter where one of our trucks is, we get really well looked after.”

The new 6×2 tractor units join a fleet of 650 trucks operating across Europe and Russia, with these latest additions supplied by Abdi Ali, National Key Account Manager at Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland. PDIs were completed by Crossroads Truck and Bus in Stallingborough.

Power is provided by Volvo’s D13K, Euro-6, Step D diesel engines, producing either 460 or 500 hp, and operated through 12-speed I-Shift automated gearboxes.

R&M Support

The new arrivals are backed by a three-year Volvo Gold Contract, which guarantees the best possible uptime, using the vehicles’ on-board telematics to ensure trucks are only called in for maintenance when they need it. Volvo’s top tier R&M contract also provides the reassurance of a replacement truck or financial compensation in the event a time-consuming repair is ever required.

DFDS has also taken a three-year subscription to Volvo Connect for each new truck, providing access to a host of digital and connected services.

“Volvo Connect puts a lot of powerful information at our fingertips, from vehicle tracking to fuel and safety reporting. Plus, simple things like being able to download tachograph data remotely saves a lot of time and hassle,” concludes Patterson.