Daf XF105.460 Super Space Cab 6×2 E5

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2011 DAF XF105.460 Euro 5 Super Space Cab 6x2 is a heavy-duty truck known for its impressive features and specifications. In this description, we'll cover its key attributes and why it might be of interest to potential buyers.
Model: 2011 DAF XF105.460 Euro 5
Configuration: 6x2
Cab Type: Super Space Cab
Transmission: Manual Gearbox
Fifth Wheel: Sliding 5th Wheel
Sun Visor: Equipped
Interior: Double Bunk with Fridge
Steering Wheel: Multi-Function Steering Wheel
Windows: Electric Windows
Mirrors: Heated and Adjustable Mirrors
Entertainment: CD Radio
The 2011 DAF XF105.460 Euro 5 is a powerful and versatile truck designed to meet the demands of long-haul transportation. With a 6x2 configuration, it offers excellent stability and load-carrying capacity, making it suitable for a wide range of transport applications.
Super Space Cab: The Super Space Cab offers a spacious and comfortable environment for the driver, essential for long journeys. It provides ample headroom, sleeping accommodations, and storage space. The cab's design ensures the driver can rest and work comfortably, contributing to overall productivity and well-being.
Euro 5 Engine: This DAF model is equipped with an Euro 5 engine, which means it adheres to European emission standards. This not only makes it an eco-friendly option but can also be cost-effective due to potentially lower road taxes and tolls in some regions.
Manual Gearbox: The manual gearbox provides the driver with precise control over gear selection, ideal for those who prefer a more hands-on driving experience. It's especially well-suited for drivers who have a specific preference for manual transmission.
Sliding 5th Wheel: The sliding 5th wheel allows for easy adjustment when coupling with trailers of various lengths. This feature enhances the truck's versatility and adaptability, making it suitable for different transport tasks.
Sun Visor: The sun visor helps to reduce glare from the sun, improving visibility and reducing driver fatigue during daytime travel.
Double Bunk and Fridge: Long-haul drivers often spend extended periods on the road. The inclusion of a double bunk and a fridge in the cabin makes it possible for drivers to rest comfortably and store perishable items or refreshments during their journeys.
Multi-Function Steering Wheel: The multi-function steering wheel provides easy access to various vehicle controls, reducing distractions for the driver. This promotes safety and efficiency during operation.
Electric Windows: Electric windows offer convenience and ease of use, allowing the driver to adjust them with a simple push of a button. This is particularly valuable during extreme weather conditions.
Heated Adjustable Mirrors: Heated and adjustable mirrors ensure clear visibility in cold or wet weather. These mirrors can be easily customized to suit the driver's preferences and improve safety on the road.
CD Radio: The CD radio system provides entertainment and information for the driver. This is especially important during long trips, as it helps keep the driver alert and engaged.
In summary, the 2011 DAF XF105.460 Euro 5 Super Space Cab 6x2 is a well-equipped and reliable heavy-duty truck that's ideal for long-haul transportation. Its comfortable and spacious Super Space Cab, advanced features such as a sliding 5th wheel and a multi-function steering wheel, and adherence to Euro 5 emission standards make it an attractive choice for drivers and businesses looking for a versatile and environmentally conscious solution.
Whether you're a professional truck driver or a business owner in need of a dependable long-distance hauler, this DAF truck offers a combination of comfort and performance that can enhance your operations. Please note that the availability and pricing of this model may vary, so it's advisable to check with the seller or dealer for the most up-to-date information.


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