Scania S Series Trucks for Sale (1)

A rare beast in the UK used truck market, we are starting to see examples of Scania’s latest flagship the S Series for sale in the UK’s used market from 2021 but larger numbers won’t be seen until 2023 or later.

This new cab supersedes the R Series (which still continues production) as the top cab in the Scania range and obviously the one that all the drivers are yearning for.

The cab is a flat floor design and comes in two heights – ‘Normal’ and ‘Highline’ which gives the upper bunk an additional 10-20 centimetres space – and, of course, extra standing height for the driver inside the cab.

Ergonomic alterations around the positioning of the dashboard, the seats and the steering wheels means that the driver has a better view of the road than in the R-Series equivalent.

Choose from the 13-Litre with SCR only (no EGR) with outputs of 370, 410, 450 and 500HP or push the boat out and go for the famous, 16-litre Scania V8 with ratings at 520, 580, 650 and a whopping 730hp.

The S Series has a choice of 8-speed range-change gearbox, 12-speed range-splitter gearbox or the Opticruise G33M gearbox (for higher output engines from 500hp). For fans of driving backwards, the Opticruise gearbox effectively has 8 reverse speeds.

Used Scania S Series Trucks

If you fancy an S-Series, but don’t have the budget, think about checking out the older Scania R-Series trucks.

Used Scania S Series Truck for SaleTypical Used Scania S Series Truck for Sale - Here a 2017 500S 6x2 Euro 6 Tractor Unit
Tractor Unit - Standard
S Series
For Auction at the Euro Auctions sale 2022-01-26.
2018 Scania S730 6x4 80 Ton, Air Suspension, Light Bar, Beacon Bar, Air Cooled Driver Seat, Single Bunk, Rear Wall Lockers, Automatic Gear Box (Reg. Docs. Available, Tested 08/22) - XNZ 8600 - YS2S6X40009241744
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The Design of the Scania S-Series


Scania S Series Image Gallery

Scania S Series 660S Badge
Scania S Series 660S Badge
Scania logo on the new S Series
Scania logo on the new S Series
Scania S Series Side Skirts
Scania S Series Side Skirts – a great attention to detail with the V8 branding
Scania S Series 8x4 Tractor Unit - Very Specialist!
Scania S Series 8×4 Tractor Unit – Very Specialist!
Scania S Series 4x2 Tractor Unit
Scania S Series 4×2 Tractor Unit
Scania 540S from the new S Series Range
Scania 540S from the new S Series Range
Scania S Series 770S 2020 Launch
Scania S Series 770S 2020 Launch

Latest Scania S Series Trucks News

Word of Mouth Creates Scania Convert

As recently as 2018 Shayn Winsor, owner and Managing Director of Wymondham-based plant and equipment mover, Valley Services, attended an industry event with a number of local hauliers.  At the time, there were no Scania trucks at all in Shayn's fleet.  A conversation with a fellow operator who had just purchased two would change all that: "He said to me, you need to try them – they're awesome!" says Shayn.  "I listened and was impressed by what he told me – he was sold on them and very enthusiastic.  So when I got home, I called the sales manager at…

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Auction Results – Brian Doogue Haulage UK Sale @ Euro Auctions

At the recent December auction Brian Doogue Haulage Ltd disposed of its entire UK fleet of trucks and cranes to Euro Auctions at the Leeds sale between 1st and 3rd December 2021 The decision to dispose of the fleet was made following the closure of the M1 Smart Motorway project, which Brian Doogue had been contracting to. During this time Brian Doogue had amassed a large fleet of highly specialised vehicles able to carry out varied works aligned to this project. With the Highways Agency effectively postponing further Smart Motorway schemes, the decision was made to dispose of the UK…

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New Heavy Haulage Scania for Plant Fleet

Purchased to pull a specialist Nooteboom trailer loaded with a bright pink excavator, Waitings Limited’s new Scania 650S S Series heavy haulage tractor unit is plated for operation at 150 tonnes. A civil engineering and specialist plant hire business, Waitings Limited’s Scania is a double-drive STGO Category 3 heavy haulage prime mover and will join the company’s Cliburn, near Penrith, Cumbria-based fleet. Waitings operate a large fleet of earthmoving equipment including excavators up to 70-tonnes in weight.  One of the excavators regularly transported by the truck is a specially commissioned, custom candy pink-painted JCB JS220 excavator, a proportion of the…

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Scania Comes out Top with New S Series 540 S

The Germans don’t mess about.  They like to do things properly – whether making cars or trucks or, indeed, testing them, no stone is left unturned. So, when German trade magazines did their 1000 point test, nobody would be surprised to see an MAN or Mercedes truck come out on top. However, the Swedish-built Scania S Series took the top awards. OK, Scania is now owned by German automotive group Volkswagen through their Traton subsidiary, but the results are still impressive. The trucks are driven more than 300 km on different types of public roads The two comparison tests took…

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Look no Hands! – Scania’s Self-Driving Trucks On Motorway

Don’t worry, there will not be a convoy of S Series Scanias trunking up the M1 with no driver at t the wheel.  This is a test that will be taking place in Sweden.  Scania has been granted permission by the Swedish Transport Agency to test self-driving trucks on the E4 motorway between Södertälje and Jönköping. Scania has been granted permission by the Swedish Transport Agency to test self-driving trucks on the E4 motorway in Sweden Fully Loaded Test The trucks will enter commercial service with the Scania Transport Laboratory and will be loaded with goods for Scania’s production operations.…

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Most Popular Scania S Series Model Variants

Scania 730S Trucks (1)

We are supposed to be calling them Scania 730S thanks to a court ruling in Mercedes favour. Even though it says 730S on the cab everyone is still following the rest of Scania's model naming and actually calling them S730 trucks.

Whatever you call them, this is the top model (in the UK at least) of Scania's flagship truck model.

First seen in 2016 it took some years to arrive on the UK's roads in right hand drive form.
Used Scania S730 Trucks
Using Scania's V8 16-litre ending the 730hp...

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Other Model Variants of Scania S Series Trucks